Module mylutece persona


This module let use Persona to authenticate users in Lutece

All users having an Persona account can be authenticated by this module. Users who have not already an Persona should create one.

For more information about Persona please refer to links provided in the side bar.



This module requires version 2.1.2 or higher of the Lutece kernel (lutece-core)

The plugin MyLutece should be installed in version 2.1.0 or higher

Build and deploy

To build the latest version just follow this steps

(NB: Subversion's client and Maven3 should be installed on your system)

  $ svn export module-mylutece-persona
  $ cd module-mylutece-persona
  $ mvn lutece:assembly

The last command will build the module's package as an archive named in the directory ./target/assembly

To deploy this package, just extract its content in your webapp's root.


As soon as the module has been extracted in the webapp, just activate it in the "Plugins management" feature of the Lutece backoffice

Check in the file WEB-INF/conf/plugins/ that the authentication is correctly enabled as follows :

# Enable authentication


The Persona authentication page is called by the following URL :


You may create an authentication form in a portlet, by copying the form in an HTML portlet, or by modifying the MyLutece XSL default stylesheet.


  • Check the MyLutece configuration as above.
  • Check that Persona module is the only MyLutece module of the webapp. It should exist no other file in the WEB-INF/conf/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate debug logging by adding the following line in the file WEB-INF/conf/ in the LOGGERS bloc.

     log4j.logger.persona=DEBUG, Console