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Available plugins

The architecture of Lutece is modular. The main part of the functionalities of the application comes from the plugins available below :

Lutece kernel Description
core Core : Main piece of Lutece. The core contains fiew core functionalities. Functionnalities come from the plugins.

Plugin Description
calendar Plugin Calendar : multi-projects Agenda (iCalendar compliant)
childpages Plugin Childpages : Child pages Portlet
contact Plugin Contact : contact form
dbpage Plugin DbPage : easy database data publishing (no java required)
document Plugin Document : The Lutece CMS plugin
folderlisting Plugin Folderlisting : Folder publishing
html Plugin Html : HTML Portlet using a WYSIWYG editor
jsr170 Plugin Jsr170 : Publishing and storing data from a Java Content Repository (such as Alfresco, JackRabbit, ...)
library Plugin Library : Multimedia Library (publishing and Management)
linkpages Plugin Linkpages : Add Lutece internal links into page content
links Plugin Links : links Portlet
myapps Plugin Myapps : My favorites Applications
newsletter Plugin Newsletter : News letter based on latest documents published
rss Plugin RSS : RSS feeds producer and publisher
tagcloud Plugin TagCloud : Classical Tag Cloud Portlet
upload Plugin Upload : File Upload from Lutece Back Office
whatsnew Plugin Whatsnew : Displays latest documents or pages updated in a Portlet
xmlpage Plugin Xmlpage : XML document publishing
solr server Plugin solRserver : Publish content in solr

Application plugins Description
form Plugin Form : Design and provides various forms on the site (conditionnal questions, list of values, ...)
formengine Plugin Formengine : Form engine to build complex forms
jsr168 Plugin Jsr168 : JSR168 portlets container
poll Plugin Poll : Poll
quiz Plugin Quiz : Quiz

Front authentication plugins Description
mylutece Plugin Mylutece : Authentication management to manage private area and user's customization
mylutece-cas Module CAS for MyLutece - CAS authentication
mylutece-database Module Database for MyLutece - Database based authentication
mylutece-ldapdatabase Module LDAPDatabase for MyLutece - LDAP based authentication + roles stored in DB
mylutece-openid Module OpenID for MyLutece - OpenID authentication
mylutece-openiddatabase Module OpenID for MyLutece - OpenID authentication + roles stored in DB
mylutece-saml Module SAML for MyLutece - SAML authentication
mylutece-webserver Module WebServer pour MyLutece - Web Server authentication (ex: Tomcat Realm)

Back Office only plugins Description
adminauthenticationdatabase Plugin Adminauthenticationdatabase : Back Office authentication module
adminquery Plugin Adminquery : SQL query for the Back Office
pagelinkservice Plugin Pagelinkservice : Create Links into Lutece content
updater Plugin Updater : Install new plugins or upgrade existing once.
updatercatalog Plugin Updater Catalog: Manage catalogs for the updater plugin.
systeminfo Plugin SystemInfo : System Info display for Lutece Backoffice
xpagelinkservice Plugin Xpagelinkservice : Add links to applications in Lutece contents

Other miscellanious plugins Description
codewizard Plugin Codewizard : Java Code generator to develop Lutece plugins
jcaptcha Plugin JCaptcha : To Add Captcha in all kind of forms
ohloh Plugin Ohloh : Display Open Source developers activity based on Ohloh data and API
pluginwizard Plugin Pluginwizard : Generate most files needed to make a simple plugin
sitemap Plugin Sitemap : Generate a sitemap file for search engines
urlrewriter Plugin UrlRewriter : Url Rewriting features
parisalacarte Plugin parisalacarte : integration with Paris a la carte
parisvideo Plugin parisvideo : integration with Paris video webservices
insertajax Plugin insertajax : insert asynchronous datas in your pages.
insertalbum Plugin insertalbum : insert Jquery gallery in your pages in 3 clics.
insertmap Plugin map : insert a google map in your pages in 3 clics