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Library Lutece Unit testing


This library provides classes to facilitate the implementation of unit tests.


A class LuteceTestCase to create test classes with all services Lutece initialized (AppPropertiesService, AppPathService, database access ...).

public MyTestCase extends LuteceTestCase

Mock Objects

Mock objects from spring-test can be used. Some utilities are provided.

In the example below, a false application containing false identified user was created to test an AdminFeature subjected to authentication.

MockHttpServletRequest request = new MockHttpServletRequest( );
Utils.registerAdminUserWithRigth( request, new AdminUser( ), RIGHT_MY_FEATURE);
request.addParameter( PARAM_NANE, param_value );

MyPluginJspBean instance = new MyPluginJspBean( );

instance.init( request, RIGHT_MY_FEATURE );
instance.getMyFeature( request );