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Module CKAN for document


Document plugin, with its dynamic model of document structure, allows storing datasets to achieve a OpenData site. The advantage using Document is to extend the model with its own metadata and benefit other features of the modular Lutece platform: rights management, editorial content, comments / ratings, ...

This document-CKAN module provides an interoperability mechanism exposing these datasets via a compatible CKAN REST API. This allows a platform using CKAN to integrate these datasets through the mechanisms of "Harvesting".

For more information on the Open Source platform CKAN data management, please refer to the links on the left.


In WEB-INF/conf/plugins/ set:

  • the id of the space of Document in which the module could find Datasets
  • the datasets download URL pattern (the domain and the webapp context are to be modified)

In WEB-INF/conf/plugins/document-ckan_context.xml you can change:

  • the mapping between the data expected by CKAN and tags of your model Dataset model
  • default values ​​that are not in the document template