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Plugin blog


This plugin provides a simple content management feature to a Lutece site

Here are the main features :

  • the module provides a simple and ergonomic tool to edit and publish posts
  • posts can be categorized by tags
  • the ticket editor offers a set of predefined templates to structure the page and components to define the types of content contained in these templates. By simple "drag and drop" actions, a ticket page can be quickly composed and all that remains is the personalization of this content.
  • a complete list of templates from one to four columns for standard cases ( ex: 1 single column, 2 columns 50%-50%, ...)
  • a list of components with predefined styles to satisfy the most frequently used cases: text (text block, cap, verbatim, see also, illustrated text), photos (simple image, slideshow, photo gallery), File list, calendar, audio, video (Phraseanet, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)
  • the publication can be pre-programmed for a predefined period of time