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Plugin broadcastproxy


Generic Management Plugin for Subscriptions / Unsubscriptions to Content Streaming Lists newsletters, SMS alerts, etc ...

The subscriptions of the user are presented and updatable in his dashboard (MyDashboard).


The managed data is:

  • Content providers
  • Content types defined by the provider bean
  • Content feeds ("feed")
  • Specific data in complement with these flows, such as thematic ("data")
  • User subscriptions to those feeds ("subscriptions")
  • The specific feed data selected for the user ("data")

The content provider bean is defined (injected) in the XML context.

The list of content types presented to the user in the dashboard (myDashboard) is defined with the site property (dsKey): "broadcastproxy.site_property.mydashboard.feedtypes", and is can be changed from the "Manage Site Properties" menu.

The custom labels for feed types, feed names, and feed-specific data names are managed in a reference list


A specific bean must be implemented to interface the APIs of the service provider broadcasting content streams. It needs to extend the IBroadcastproxyProvider interface.