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Plugin Contact


The Contact plugin allows to manage several lists of contacts and to display the email form.

Below is the list of the main features:

  • Add a portal front-office page with a standard form to send an email to a contact
  • Contact management feature : create, list, modify and delete the contacts
  • Contact List management feature : create, list, modify and delete the contact lists
  • Link several contacts to one list
  • Link a contact to several lists


Front office URL web page to display the send email form : /jsp/site/Portal.jsp?page=contact

A "Contact" link is automaticaly added in the Lutece portal footer when the plugin is enabled.

Back office URL web page to access to the admin feature : /jsp/admin/plugins/contact/ManageContactsHome.jsp

Plugin Contact Administration

Access to the admin feature

This page gives access to either the contact or contact list management:

plugin access point

Contact management feature

This page displays the stored contacts. Possible actions are: Add, modify, delete and assigment of a contact to a list

Contact management

Contact edition page:

Contact edition

Management page to assign a contact to lists:

Contact assignment

Management of contact lists

This managament page displays the stored contact lists. Possible actions are : Add, modify, delete a list and manage contact assigment to one list.

contact list management

Contact list edition page:

Contact list edition

List assignment page:

contact list assignment

Plugin security management

It is possible to assign a contact or a contact list to a workgroup. They will be visible and editable only by the selected workgroup.

On front-office side, it is possible to limit access to a list only to some roles. This feature can be enabled when creating or editing a list.