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Plugin Context Include


This plugin is used to display a content as an include depending of the parameters of the request.

Creation/Modification of contextual includes

The creation/modification of an include allows the administrator to personnalize the include and to configure the parameter the request must have in order to display the content.

The strict mode allow to display its content only if the request possesses exactly the configurated parameters.

Example : Let's assume we have one include in strict mode with its parameters configured like this :

For URL that has the following parameters :


The content will be displayed

However, for an URL that has the following parameters :


or the following parameters :


the content will not be displayed

Plugin configuration

The plugin configuration is handled in the back office, in the plugin advanced parameters.

Cumulation mode

The cumulation mode is used to insert several inclludes and to be able to position the includes in the template.

To use the HTML inclusion service, one must add in the main template (page_frameset.html) the following bookmark :


where id_context matches the id of the context include.

Note : the plugin also provides the label freemarker to insert in the template.

Without cumulation mode

The mode without cumulation allow to create only one include. Every include use the same label freemarker.

To use the HTML code inclusion service, one must add in the main templlate(page_frameset.html) the following bookmark :


Note : Since it only displays one include, the performance are better than the mode with cumulation.

Note 2 : The display order is really important in this mode. Indeed, since this plugin only displays one include, only the first include that verifies the parameters will be displayed.