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Document Plugin

The Document plugin is the content management application of a Lutece portal.

Its main features are :

  • Dynamic creation of structured documents. A type of document is created by defining different attributes: simple or enriched text fields, dates, multimedia objects, attachments, values to choose from a list, ...
  • The life cycle of the documents (creation, validation, publication, archiving, ...) takes place within filing spaces organized like directories. The operations on the documents and spaces are subject to access rights that can be fully parameterized and integrated in the security management of Lutece.
  • A rules engine allows to dynamically create document management operations such as moving spaces or notifications to mailing lists by email.
  • The documents are also categorizable on the basis of a thesaurus and can benefit from an extensible metadata system (Dublin Core or other).
  • For publishing, the plugin also provides two portlets allowing to publish one or a list of documents. It manages automatic upload and removal dates, as well as a manual scheduling or suspension of each document.
  • The documents are accessible through the search engine. The search engine indexes in full text the content areas defined as "to be indexed" in the document type.