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Create a new ContentService


A content service can create its own pages. Each service has a call parameter which allows the portal to dispatch requests towards the service. Lutece uses various Content Services as enumerated below :

Service Parameter Description
PageService id_page Construction Service and diplay of Lutece pages
ArticleService id_article Construction Service and diplay of Lutece pages
SearchService query Lutece Search Service
XPageService page Lutece's XPages application container

Interfacing the ContentService

Here are the interface methods of the ContentService :

Method Description
getName Return the name of the Content Service.
isInvoked Resolves from the parameters from the HTTP request, whether it is addessed to t.For example, the PageService verifies if the request includes the id_page parameter.
getCache Indicates if the service has a cache activated.
getCacheSize Returns the number of objects in the cache.
getPage Builds a page by using the request parameters and mode.
resetCache Empties the cache of the content service.

Creation of ContentService

New services can be added by new plugins. The plugin must define must define the ContentService in its deployment file as described below :

   <!-- Content Service -->